Links to Horological Sites

NAWCC Home Page

Australian Antiquarian Horological Society (Melbourne)

Sydney Clock Club Chapter 72

British Horological Institute

Some articles about the history of timekeeping by Niclas Marie

You Tube: The Watch Repair Channel

Watch and Clockmakers Australia Inc.

The LABANDA List (Gives contact details to most brand agents in Australia)

Details of John Harrison's H4 Marine Chronometer

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Time & Date (Gives time anywhere in world plus calendars for any year).


Links to Horologically Related Sites

Engineering Toolbox: A technical reference for the horological engineer

Alan Emmerson's Researched Writing

Physics Museum Queensland University

British Museum home page

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Zeitgeist: For the philosophical horologist

Charles Babbage's Mechanical Computing Engines

Jaquet Droz' Bird Automaton


Links to Australian Suppliers

This is a list of some local horological suppliers which you might find handy for sourcing parts/materials/tools.


Clock Movement Importers

Australian Jewellers Supplies